"Blepharoplasty" means cosmetic surgery of the eyelids which aims to remove the discomfort present, whether it be hereditary or due to age. They can concern only the two upper or lower eyelids, or even the four eyelids at the same time. The intervention aims to correct these problems in a lasting way, by surgically removing excess skin and muscle as well as fatty protrusions, and this, of course, without altering the essential functions of the eyelids.

The final result is obtained after a few months. Scars are almost impossible to detect. The eyelid is tightened. The look is refreshed and rejuvenated without changing the patient's natural expression. Cosmetic eyelid surgery does not change the expression of the look or the shape of the eyelids unless specifically requested

In addition to sagging of the skin of the upper eyelid, the eyebrows can also lower over time and accentuate the ptosis of the eyelid. In this case a forehead lift can be performed at the same time or later

Posté dans News, Face le 26 Jan 2018