Blepharoplasty is not limited to eyelid surgery, but involves surgery of the entire eye area. It includes the position of the eyebrow and the cheekbone. The objective is to restore warmth to the eyes, to erase the disgraces that give a sad and tired look. There are two types of aging in the upper eyelid:

-- Either by skin excess or by melting of the fat of the eye which makes the eye hollow. The most common is to have excess skin on the upper eyelid that covers the eye and hinders makeup application. It can be associated with an internal fatty excess.

-- Or more rarely, the eye appears hollow with an upper eyelid that seems to enter the orbit and lengthen. This depression begins in a triangular fashion at the upper and inner corners of the eye and ages the eyes. It is linked to the melting of the eye's fat.

Posté dans News le 29 Sep 2021