The anomalies of forms are numerous, we can quote; The mammary asymmetries Tuberous breasts Poland Syndrome

Not to mention the volume anomalies: Bilateral breast enlargement. More information about : Breast reduction Bilateral major mammary hypoplasia (cup smaller than A). More information on: Breast augmentation by breast prosthesis

Congenital malformations of the breasts, which have a significant psychological impact on adolescents, justify breast repair surgery.

Breast surgery for congenital malformations uses all the techniques of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery of the breasts: cure of breast ptosis (mastopexy), breast reduction, breast augmentation by prosthesis, breast augmentation by fat transfer (lipostructure) ...

Be aware that some rarer pathology and malformative syndrome can affect the breast.

But thanks to progress in plastic and reconstructive surgery, these pathologies can be easily and definitively corrected, thus allowing patients, mostly young, who are victims of them to find a new fulfilment and a harmonious figure.

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