After a diet or the installation of a gastric band or a sleeve, the obese lose fat, but end up with an excess of skin that makes them complex, because it is unsightly and uncomfortable.

To remove this excess and tighten the fabrics, the body lift is a solution.

Body lift is reconstructive surgery for the aesthetic sequelae of obesity after significant weight loss. However, this operation can sometimes be proposed for purely aesthetic reasons.

These are people who undergo post-bariatric surgery (gastric band...) after significant weight loss. During the first consultation, we evaluate together the demands, the reality, the quantity of skin to be resected and the location of the scars, the consequences, how much time off work, when can we move normally, return to the pool, the frequency of dressings, etc...

However, lower or upper body lifts or laterothoracic lifts are really tailor-made cosmetic surgery treatments for obesity.

They allow to find a body in normal proportions and to remove them on more fatty and cutaneous but the surgeon explains what he can do also according to your request. You must be stabilized with your weight to be successful in your post bariatric body surgery or post obesity body remodeling.

Otherwise it is a source of dissatisfaction. If you are not ready, it is better to wait before a circular lipectomy, abdominal plastic surgery or brachioplasty.

How long before the final result can be observed?

Two months in general, and during this period, no aesthetic or other treatments should be performed, let alone lymphatic drainage.

Posté dans News, Body le 08 May 2019