The analysis of each of the components of the abdominal wall (muscle, fatty tissue, skin tissue) allows us to easily determine a precise surgical indication that is the only guarantee of a quality result.

However, it is important not to be deceived by an often significant abdominal distention, underpinned by an hypertrophy of the abdominal content. A wall operation would then be doomed to failure if you suffer from truncular obesity with a lot of ultra-abdominal fat, you will first have to lose weight and then you can perform this flat stomach surgery.

Belly liposuction is performed under local anesthesia, especially in women after cesarean sections, or under general anesthesia, and is effective in treating localized hypertrophy of adipose tissue. Liposuction is associated with skin tension restoration by short suprapubic scar, if there is moderate skin distension.

Abdominoplasty why?

Tummy plastic surgery is necessary to repair the abdominal wall when it has been badly damaged, combining muscle repair (diastasis, hernias, gutting), fat overload and excess skin to varying degrees. Aesthetic surgery of the abdomen. Abdominal plastic surgery and flat stomach.

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