Silhouette surgery uses, with lipomodelling, classic techniques aimed at bringing the body into harmony by a subtle balance of volumes. Each body is unique and requires special attention to enhance it.

Belly liposuction is performed under isolated local anesthesia or in combination with neuroleptanalgesia, or under general anesthesia and is effective in treating localized hypertrophy of adipose tissue. (…)

Long ignored or neglected, surgery on the intimate parts is currently experiencing a boom justified by the fall of certain taboos and by the importance that the notion of well-being is taking on today.

Not to mention the lower parts; leg lifting, leg liposuction, lipomodelling and/or leg liposculpture.

The deep fatty overloads of the lower limbs, often persistent, after many diets and sometimes at the origin of the disappointment of diets because weight loss on the scale is not accompanied by a harmonization of the silhouette like body lifts and abdominal plastic surgery or thigh lifts make it possible to repair one's body and the image reflected from one's body.

Of course in extreme cases such as the aesthetic sequelae of obesity.

Posté dans News, Body le 15 May 2019