Well hemmed, redesigned and plumped lips are certainly the major factors in attracting the mouth. To do this, various filling techniques are always used with the aim of providing the most natural correction possible, whether it be rejuvenation or beautification without surgery.

From hyaluronic acid to fat, several techniques are possible depending on the desired result and durability over time. Thus the most economical in the short term is not necessarily the most economical in the long term.

The treatment of puppet wrinkles, so called by analogy with the articulated jaw of these wooden dolls, are an integral part of the treatment of the mouth. Filling the hollow under the corners of the lips and blocking the lip angle depressor muscle are the techniques of choice to erase a sad area and restore youthfulness to the oval of the face.

Wrinkles above the upper lip can also benefit from several treatments used alone or in combination: filling in the lip border, peels, laser resurfacing can overcome these vertical wrinkles afflicted with the ungracious name of "bar code". This problem can be treated with a chemical peel.

The nasolabial folds, extending from the wings of the nose to the corners of the mouth, are among the most frequent requests for correction in aesthetic medicine. In young people with small grooves, a simple local filling with hyaluronic acid is sufficient.

For others, who already have a more pronounced sagging of the facial tissues, it is a revolumisation of the cheekbonesand the upper cheek, either withhyaluronic acid or fat, which will restore youthfulness to the area and erase this furrow.

Some people have a so-called "gingival" smile because it reveals not only the teeth but also the gums, which can be unsightly. It is then possible to block with botox one of the muscles responsible for the elevation of the upper lip in order to prevent this area from appearing when smiling.

Finally, a smile cannot be perfect without perfectly aligned and perfectly white teeth!

Posté dans News le 24 May 2020