The neckline is a part of the body often forgotten by women, but it is a sign of age! It is highlighted by the current trend which often shows it in low-cut T-shirts and dresses with large necklines. This part of the body, where the skin is thin and more fragile, loses its elasticity and small wrinkles appear, as well as sun spots and redness. It is important to adopt protective measures for this sensitive area as soon as possible: avoid exposure to the sun, moisturize, limit smoking which weakens the vascularization, in order to limit the harmful effects of these combined factors. Here are some possible techniques;

Skinboosters which ensure deep rehydration. Treatment of spots: pulsed light (2 to 3 sessions) Mesotherapy. Micro needling and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Absorbable PDO threads for inter mammary folds.

Posté dans News le 17 Mar 2022