In France the "French Touch" has long made the difference, to establish itself as a benchmark across the world.

The concern of his body comes more and more early, especially in women. Liposuction, breast implants, protruding ears surgery are frequent treatments.

Body worship crosses all social classes and the medical supply seeks to make it accessible to the greatest number.

The chest is more and more in the spotlight agreeing with the expectation of the patient agreeing with a beautiful pair of buttocks, even if the criteria of beauty have changed from the 1990s in favor of a larger hat.

Nevertheless, we have noticed for some time that the size of the prostheses requested by patients, in search of an unnatural result, has somewhat decreased. But other operations are also becoming more and more attractive, such as vaginoplasty (or vaginal rejuvenation surgery), especially requested by women over 40 years of age.

Psychological support is important to support the patient in her request in order to detect any form of dysmorphobia which is the obsessive fear of being ugly, poorly formed or poorly proportioned….

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