Aesthetic surgery after pregnancy, how soon

Many women gain weight after pregnancy because they went through enormous hormonal change. Excess of weight after pregnancy is not always easy to lose and the extra amount of weight gained during it varies enormously among women.

ln France we recommend gaining only 10 kilos during the pregnancy but most of the women will gain 13 to 15 kilos and there will always be some women that gain up 30 kilos. Even if you were careful and managed not to put on much weight you might discover that your belly doesn’t naturally become flat again. So, what can be done and how soon?

After 4 or 6 months we can easily think about liposuction and 6 months after delivery is usually already a good time to talk about tummy tuck, especially if the woman had two or three children and decided that this is enough for her. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is the way to get the flat belly back and to cure the diastasis, which can be why your belly even after sports never looks the way it did before.

Chirurgie esthétique après la grossesse

First we do a liposuction to remove some fat of the abdomen and then after supra¬pubic incision we lift the abdominal skin and underlying fat reaching to the muscles. The muscles will be tightened to give tonicity to the abdomen, then the excess of skin and fat are removed by excision. If there is any real hernia it will be treated at the same time. Then finally we reposition the belly button. The scar is positioned the way that you can hide it afterwards even in the mini-bikini.

Then of course we will treat the breast only after the end of breastfeeding. The breast usually is sagging and is empty especially after long breastfeeding (more than 6 months) and many times it means that we will have to reshape it. One of the ways to do so is a breast lipofilling: it means fat transfer to the breast from another part of the body, which gives also good result in terms of moderate augmentation.

Another thing that worries women are stretchmarks that occur during pregnancy and are caused by the excessive stretching of the dermal tissue. They are difficult to treat and with genetic predisposition can still appear even after a moderate weight gain.

To ameliorate the look of the skin we use radiofrequency, peeling, micro-dermabrasion and mesotherapy. ln my experience, the most efficient are mesotherapy with micro-dermabrasion. If the woman is doing a tummy tuck, some stretchmarks can be hidden in the process.

Finally, another part of the body that may have changed after delivery is a vagina. The sensation that the vagina is now “too wide” bothers many women after pregnancy.

I can tighten the vagina, repair muscles deficiency, reshape the opening of the vulva, give shape and volume to labia majora and inner small labia so the woman feels like new. All this helps women to get back to the normal sex life after having a baby and feel as young and sexy as they were before the pregnancy.

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