Natural beauty

Different countries have different traditions in plastic and aesthetic surgery. In South America women often ask for extremely big breasts and really big and round buttocks. In Korea young people often focus on their eyes, trying to make them perfect almond shape and the nose, making the bridge thinner. Nose jobs are also a usual operation in USA, where it can be even a present for a teenager’s Birthday.

But what we can tell about the plastic surgery in France? We would say that in France we are much more attracted by the idea of natural beauty and balance.

While the surgeons in Beverly Hills will do pretty much whatever patient wants, in Paris the aesthetic surgeon might actually tell patient that he or she will not perform this or that operation and instead and recommend the intervention that will not destroy the balance of patients body.

For example, lest talk about breast implants. We all know examples of women who have the breasts twice bigger than their heads. What we usually get as a result of this operation is a barbie doll with tiny waist, thin arms and legs and giant breasts on top. This is as far as you can get from natural body beauty. Good plastic surgeon in Paris will offer you the size and type of breast implants that will make your breasts look better, not just bigger. If all you need is a bit of volume you might have a lipofilling, so there is no need for implants whatsoever. Nowadays you can even replace the old implants you had with your own fat, when it is a time to change them.

Same goes about buttocks. It is quite in trend now to have a curvy shape and exaggerated buttocks. But let’s be honest, what looks good on a photo in magazine in real life transforms a woman into a centaur. A surgeon thinking about body balance will offer you augmentation that will make your body proportionate and feminine, taking in consideration not only your desires but the body you have already.

And lips……. Oh, those lips. You know, the ones that take half of the face and seem to burst with hyaluronic acid? Self-respecting advocates of natural beauty would never do this to their patients. Fillers are great to accentuate the lost curve and reconstruct cupid’s bow, moisturize, and add lost volume. But it is not an instrument to pump lips like car tires. If you come with this request to French plastic surgeon, probably you won’t get it.

What do I really want to tell you is that if you have decided to get your aesthetic surgery done in my cabinet of plastic aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in Paris, I advise you to listen to your surgeon, in this case me. I have seen thousands of faces and bodies and have an experience which lets me predict what eventually will look good and what will completely throw off the balance in your looks. Trust me to offer you the solutions, that will help your real beauty shine, even if it will not make you a copy of Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian.

Posté dans News le 25 Jun 2020