Aesthetic plastic surgery in the age of Body positivity

Last 10 years the world has been divided. On one side we have Kim Kardashian and her clones, an ode to plastic surgery and Instagram filters. On the other one we have hipster generation, the one that proclaimed body positivity, led by Lena Dunham and the others.

But is there a place for aesthetic surgery in the times of new sincerity? The answer, as usual is not so simple. In short, if we think about it, body positivity means that you should love your body as it is and not to be ashamed of it, even if it is not fitting into the frames of the “conventional beauty” in 21st century. No one has the right to tell you how you should look, or dress and what has to be changed in your appearance for it to be “better”

But why not to be helped a little by nutrition, sports or a surgery ? For example, to have blepharoplasty, because your eyelids are going down, and you look tired even if you are not? Does it have anything to do with you not accepting your age? No. Would it be “more conventionally beautiful”? Maybe. Is it anyone’s business what you do with your face? Absolutely not!

We have learned to accept that people can make tattoos all over their bodies, though it clearly changes one’s looks. But we are annoyed when the mother of three gets breast implants, because she should have accepted her new body and not to be blinded by celebrity looks! Maybe you don’t know that but, breast that is hanging next to your bellybutton can be just annoying and, sadly, it will not retract due to exercise. So why anyone has a word in deciding what changes to do with your own body?

A kid, who is being bullied in school for his ears being too big can spend years in therapy or he can just have an othoplasty and be done with it for the rest of his life! You will not believe it how many patients after having a nose job or tummy tuck are saying: “Why didn’t I do it earlier?”. A small intervention can replace years of feeling wrong, by just correcting it. And it works miracles on people: they become more self-assured, feel more successful, feel …yes, sorry, beautiful!

Bright new world it is, but there should be something between body positivity and body shaming, and plastic surgery, like the truth, always stands somewhere in between. And if you’ve been feeling for years that you want to change something, maybe its time you just DO.

Posté dans News, Body le 19 Mar 2020