A hyaluronic acid gel specially designed for a gynecological indication? Yes !

During a consultation, the gel is injected without discomfort into the vulva-vaginal mucosa to restore hydration and flexibility to the mucous membranes dried out either by post-cancer anti-estrogen treatments or by the effect of menopause. or certain pills.

Quickly, the discomfort, vulva-vaginal burning and pain during sexual intercourse fade away.

Thus libido disorders are improved with a reduction in stress caused by possible pain during sexual intercourse.

The gel also helps relieve residual post-episiotomy pain and post-menopausal urinary disorders. And without forgetting the awakening of the G-spot area.

These injections are performed in the office without pain in a few minutes.

They are repeated on average twice a year or depending on the patient's discomfort...

Posté dans News le 31 May 2024