Abdominal liposuction

Get rid of localized fat?

When the belly has a roundness due to excess fat, liposuction in the abdomen corrects this unsightly appearance. In men, fat mass has a genetic tendency to localize in the belly, while in women it is mainly following pregnancy, diet or menopause that the storage of adipocytes is focused. The abdominal liposuction intervention allows to reshape the silhouette thanks to the treatment of the abdominal anterior wall, rebellious fat overload can thus be removed. The fat which is stored in the abdomen between the skin tissue and the muscles, and which gives this soft buoy effect, easy to palpate, will be sucked up using ultrafine cannulas. During the operation, which is most often done under local anesthesia depending on the amount of fat to be removed, the surgeon makes small incisions hidden in the pubic area. Excess fat is permanently removed. Dieting before surgery to lose weight is highly recommended. Once liposuction has been achieved, it can be a motivating vector for continuing a diet and a healthy lifestyle allowing to maintain a harmonious silhouette. Conditions for a successful intervention

During the first consultation at his office in Paris 8th Dr Bergeret Galley will scrupulously study the belly of each patient, in order to perform an optimal operation for an excellent result. The volume of fat present, the condition of the skin surface and the abdominal wall are all criteria to be taken into consideration. Good skin quality (flexible and retractable), non-diffuse fat, a weight responding to a normal BMI are ideal conditions for abdominal liposuction. The final result is really seen around 6 months after the operation. Liposuction of the belly is not a slimming technique, but a method of correcting excess fat in the abdomen.

Posté dans News, Body le 27 Nov 2017