The 1st real facelift with suspension threads

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أول عملية تجميل حقيقية بخيوط تعليق

الأساس الأولي: مزيج إلزامي

يعتمد حلنا على 3 نقاط رئيسية: Infinite-Thread® ، ونبسب ؛ تقنية طبية أو جراحية تعتمد على احتياجات المريض ، وتدريبنا المتطور. إن تحالف هذه الركائز الثلاث هو الذي يمنح حلنا جودته وتفرده.


  • Core in polyester
  • Solid silicone coating
  • 1,4mm
  • 30 cm
  • Bidirectional cogs
  • 4 cogs every 1,5mm
  • With blunt needles

INFINITE-THREAD®: high end technology

View from the side

View from the face

  • “8 axis” hooking : Each series of cogs is offset of 45°
  • Non turning cogs : Conical shape to reinforce the cogs
  • Flexible silicone : Follow the natural movement of the patient’s face
  • Extrémité arrondie : Aucun risque de trauma pour les tissus du patient

Une réversibilité absolue

Pictures from the animation of the removal process of Infinite-Thread®

يمكن دائمًا إزالة الخيط دون أي عقابيل وبدون حد زمني فقط عن طريق حقن محلول مخدر لخلق انتفاخ الأنسجة تحت الجلد. (تليف منخفض جدا)
يمكن دائمًا إزالة خيط المناقشة الخاص بنا دون صعوبة:


Thread is coloured and is not white so it is impossible to confound it with human tissues. 


Moreover, the threads will not migrate thanks to their technology of cogs, which ensures a good idea of their location.


However, even if you do not have it, the thread is visible to ultrasound so you can find it without exploring the tissues of your patient.

« Permanent thread lift must not be seen as a life commitment by the patient. »

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  • Question
    Patient du Dr Bergeret-Galley
    منذ 3 سنوات

    What is the least invasive and also cheapest option to get rid of wrinkles. especially the nose to mouth one.

    • Réponse

      Dr Bergeret-Galley
      منذ 3 سنوات

      If you mean the nasolabial folds, cheapest way would be to put PPDO suture (lifting threads), you can also go for the hyaluronic acid injections once a year if the wrinkles are not too deep and the skin is not sagging. But please be careful with what is injected, don’t let anybody inject you with a bad product, choose your specialist.